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25th January 2016 Current Affairs Analysis

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January 25, 2016



  • EEPC India told Engineering exporters to improve standards

Environment & Ecology

  • Discovery of solitary bee in Sundarbans

International Relations

  • Centre sanctions funds for Wagah-like ceremony in Tripura

Also in News

  • World’s tallest, largest tricolour hoisted at Ranchi
  • Kerala Tourism wins best pavilion award in Madrid


EEPC India told Engineering exporters to improve standards


The Engineering Export Promotion Council India (EEPC India) has asked the exporters to improve standards and compliance with technical regulations to maintain market share.


  • The directive comes in the backdrop of a sharp fall in engineering exports.

Why this slowdown in exports?

  • An analysis of India’s major destinations for engineering exports like the U.S. and major European countries, revealed that technical regulations and standards for the products imported into the country were partially blocking the growth of exports.
  • Major products like iron and steel, electrical machinery, industrial machinery, suffer from lack of standards harmonization.

What need to do?

  • India needs better preparedness to face the challenges of new standards and stricter regulations.
  • Engineering manufacturer-exporters have to upgrade their standards not only to maintain their market share but also to make new forays.
  • They also need to know about the caution that they should exercise while using the services of accredited bodies or while getting systems certification.
  • Moreover, with focus shifting on ‘Make in India’ and various initiatives taken by the government, the quality of products and services need to improve.
  • The need of the hour was creation of more labs and certification bodies.

About EEPC India:

  • Set up in 1955, EEPC India is the premier trade and investment promotion organization in India.
  • It is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India and caters to the Indian engineering sector.
  • As an advisory body it actively contributes to the policies of Government of India and acts as an interface between the engineering industry and the Government.
  • EEPC India organizes a large number of promotional activities such as buyer-seller meets (BSM) – both in India and abroad, overseas trade fairs/exhibitions, and India pavilion/information booths in selected overseas exhibitions to demonstrate the capabilities of Indian engineering industry and to provide the overseas buyers with true value as propagated by Brand India.

[Ref: Hindu]


Environment & Ecology


Discovery of solitary bee in Sundarbans


A “solitary bee” species was recently discovered in the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve.

  • The Sundarbans make the largest mangrove forest in India. For such a large and unique habitation, pollinators, particularly bees, play a very important role.


  • It is named Braunsapis chandrai. The bee was named in the honour of Kailash Chandra, director in-charge, ZSI.
  • What makes it distinct from other species of solitary bees is the different patterns of the marks on its face and frontal region.
  • The 96 species of bees of the genus Braunsapisdo not make combs as common honeybees do. Solitary in nature, they nest in stems and twigs independently.
  • The new species played a significant role in pollination, though it did not produce honey.
  • The scientist said of the 20,000 species of bees found in the world, India accounted for only 633.

Significance of the Bee:

  • As bees play an important role in the ecosystem as critical pollinators, scientists believe that without them, the world would face extinction as food options would become highly limited.

[Ref: Hindu]


International Relations


Centre sanctions funds for Wagah-like ceremony in Tripura


The Centre has sanctioned funds to create infrastructure for ‘Beating Retreat’ ceremony at Agartala-Akhaura border (in Tripura) with Bangladesh, similar to that at Wagah in Punjab.

  • The money was sanctioned by the Union Tourism Ministry under the ‘Swadesh Darshan scheme’ for building a mini stadium and roads among others.

Beating Retreat ceremony at Wagah:

  • The Beating Retreat ceremony is performed at Wagah during closing of the border every evening by the BSF and its Pakistani counterpart Pakistan Rangers since 1959 and is a major tourist attraction.
  • The Beating Retreat ceremony at Wagah is performed by the BSF and the Rangers in a bit aggressive manner.

Beating Retreat ceremony at Agartala-Akhaura:

  • The Beating Retreat ceremony would be done in a more friendly atmosphere at Akhaura check post because India’s ties with Bangladesh and BSF’s relation with the Border Guards Bangladesh (BGB) is very cordial.
  • The BSF and the BGB regularly perform a beating retreat in Agartala-Akhaura border and it could be a more exciting and splendid show with the building of proper infrastructure.

The Agartala-Akhaura check post is an integrated one, which is also the second largest trading centre with Bangladesh after Benapole and Petrapole in West Bengal.

[Ref: Hindu]


Also in News


World’s tallest, largest tricolour hoisted at Ranchi


The place British used to execute freedom fighters in pre-independent India now hosts world’s largest tricolour on tallest flag-post, the 66×99 feet flag, 493 feet above surface on a 293 feet mast at Ranchi’s popular Pahari Mandir.

  • This place was known as Fansi Dungri in pre-Independent India. It is known for sacrifice.
  • The event coincided with Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary.

[Ref: ToI]


Kerala Tourism wins best pavilion award in Madrid


Kerala Tourism has emerged as one among the four winners in the destination category at the 36th edition of FITUR – the second largest travel and tourism fair in Spain.

  • The eye-catching pavilion, themed on Kerala’s fabled snake-boat race, has fetched the State the award along with Mexico, Japan, and Nepal.
  • The pavilion, created with stunning images of boat races, won the Best Stand award for design, communication, and professionalism.
  • FITUR, organised by Madrid’s trade fair organisation IFEMA (Feria de Madrid), was held at IFEMA Convention Centre from January 20 to 24 and attended by 9,500 companies from 165 countries.

 [Ref: Hindu]


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