70 Days War Plan

70 Days WAR Plan for IAS Prelims 2019 [Details & Schedule]

For any war to be won, the first and the foremost required thing is STRATEGY. We provide that STRATEGY-PLANNING to help you achieve your DREAM.
By IT's Core Team
March 20, 2019

70 Days WAR Plan for IAS Prelims 2019

Hello Aspirants,

Started on 22nd March 2019







Welcome to IASToppers’ most awaited 70 Days WAR Plan Strategy for IAS Prelims 2019.

Let’s ask you very basic and fundamental questions to you.

  1. Do you lose your vigour and charm for facing Prelims 2019?
  2. Are you lacking confidence for cracking Prelims 2019?
  3. Are you finding yourselves completely distracted for cracking Prelims 2019 and wish to crack it right from the beginning?
  4. Are you the guy who think you have prepared a lot but not at all confident and unsatisfied for cracking Prelims 2019?
  5. Are you finding yourselves clueless for what to read and what to revise at this stage of preparation?
  6. Are you experienced or veteran guy who cleared Prelim/s in past but find yourselves late or not prepared for Prelims 2019?
  7. Are you the guy who think you have prepared a lot but in very haphazard manner?
  8. Are you feeling nervous and anxious about Prelims 2019?
  9. Are you in search of any best practice tools in the form of test series for Prelims 2019?
  10. Are you in search of any proven strategy to crack Prelims 2019 in one go?
  11. Are you the guy who awake just 70 days before the Prelims 2019 and want to crack it by giving any amount of efforts?


We have single ANSWER to above all questions i.e. IASToppers’ 70 Days WAR Plan


How is it possible for anyone to read and revise the vast syllabus of Prelims 2019 in just 70 days?

We would like to clear your doubt by giving two examples of successful aspirants. One is Shah Faizal [CSE 2009 AIR-1] and Kumar Harsh [CSE 2016 AIR-43]. In their stories of success, these aspirants shared their experiences of how they had just 1.5-3 months left for Prelims and how they successfully cracked it in their first attempt. There are many more such stories to quote.

We just say one thing here that ‘Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way’

You would be the next example of such success of 2019 CSE.


Why it is called WAR Plan?

At this stage of time and among the very high competitive scenario, target of cracking Prelims 2019 is not less than a WAR for every single UPSC aspirant who want to get success at any cost.

To win in this war, you:

  1. Must have a concrete strategy and planning
  2. Must be focused in execution of every day’s target
  3. Must stick to your target till you achieve your aim
  4. Must have vigour and aggressiveness to face any challenges in making your plan successful

For any war to be won, the first and the foremost required thing is STRATEGY. We provide that STRATEGY-PLANNING to help you achieve your DREAM. 


How this WAR Plan works?

IASToppers’ 70 Days WAR Plan is a miniature form of our ‘Target IAS Topper 2019 programme.’

Starting Date: 22nd March 2019

Ending Date: 30th May 2019

Components of the Plan:

  • Daily 10 MCQ Current Affairs
  • Daily 10 MCQ Static Subjects
  • Daily 10 Flash Cards Current Affairs
  • Daily 10 Flash Cards Static Subjects
  • 3 Full-length Mock Tests [100 Questions Each]

Details of the Plan:

Under this Plan, we will provide on daily basis till 31st May 2019

  • Total 10 MCQs from most probable topics of Current Affairs from June 2018 to May 2019
  • Total 10 MCQs of Static Subjects covering whole syllabus and most probable topics of Prelims exam
  • Total 10 Flash Cards from most probable topics of Current Affairs from June 2018 to May 2019
  • Total 10 Flash Cards from most probable topics of Static Subjects covering whole syllabus of Prelims exam
  • We will provide you total 3 Full-length Open Mock Tests Complete Syllabus [100 Questions Each] from 28th May to 30th May 2019.

That means, total 40 topics [Current + Static- Mix] in the form of MCQs and Flash Cards will be provided from 22nd March to 30th May 2019 on daily basis.

Out of daily 40 topics, some topics will be taken from our Target IAS Topper 2019 programme. We will provide answer to all topics and detailed explanation will be given to all topics except taken from Target IAS Topper 2019 programme.

To keep pace with this Plan, it is advisable and preferable for everyone to be part of Target IAS Topper 2019 programme. All details of the programme are given in this article.


Features of the 70 Days WAR Plan


How the ‘70 Days WAR Plan’ decides your destiny of success at IAS Prelims 2019?

  1. Out of 70 days plan, when you complete 45 days, you will be in a position with practice of so many questions to avoid silly and avoidable mistakes plus prepare you for risk taking in the real exam. Our quality MCQs and Flash Cards help you to tackle the real-time questions of the exam.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage of the Most Probable Topics for IAS Prelims 2019. It will give you an edge in the examination.
  3. The 70 Days Plan has ample scope of revision and re-revision with 7 stages of Revision. If you are veteran and have already completed basic reading, then this Plan will give you the best opportunity for revision of standard references. And if you are fresher or anywhere between fresher and veteran, this 70 days marathon reading and practice of so many MCQs and Flash Cards will give you confidence to score more than 150 marks in Prelims 2019.
  4. Out of total 70 days, more than 45% time is allotted for REVISION, Tests and Flash Cards.
  5. In this short period of 70 days, we try to cover all important reference books for reading. If you find something missing, important topics from them will be covered in Tests and Flash Cards.
  6. This programme is highly integrated with IT’s Target IAS Topper 2019 Programme.
  7. If you are a fresher or giving attempt at Prelims 2019 and want to make it successful, just do as per the mentioned strategy. You don’t need to go anywhere for Prelims 2019.


Why IASToppers?

  1. We have proven track record of success in the last two years.
  1. Our every Test and Flash Card is the result of intense research from various important sources like NCERT, NIOS, CCRT, Basic to Advance Standard Reference Books, PIB, Various Newspapers, Magazines, Ministry Reports, etc. This will give you comprehensive and authentic coverage from Basic to Advance.
  2. Our comprehensive approach to exam helps you to tackle some of the most trickiest questions in the exam with an ease.
  3. In nutshell, we are providing you the repository of the MOST PROBABLE Topics important for IAS Prelims 2019 in the form of MCQs and Flash Cards.
  4. Our Trademarked initiative Flash Cards will be the most game changing factor for your success. You can check its important in last two years’ (2017 & 2018) success ratio documents and get better idea of how Flash Cards are indispensable for Prelims exam.


1 Flash CardTM = 1 MCQs

IASToppers’ Flash CardsTM is the concept-based initiative. It will either help you in revision of concepts that you have read in Standard Reference Books or help in learning new concepts in every possible aspect.

As far as quality of content is concerned, our one Flash Card is equivalent to one Prelims MCQ. They will immensely helpful in making your conceptual,fundamental and applied knowledge sound.


Target IAS Topper 2019 Programme

[Prelims-Mains Integrated]

Components of the Programme:

  • Total 48 Prelims General Studies Tests
  • 10 Prelims CSAT Tests
  • 3800+ Flash Cards
  • 32 Mains Tests with Synopsis

Features of the Target IAS Topper 2019 Programme:


Programme Guide & Schedule:


Fee: Rs. 7555/- Only


Try Sample Tests

You can check our quality and coverage of content by giving FREE Sample Tests and Flash Cards at https://targetcivils.iastoppers.com/index

Sign Up now to access Sample Tests and Flash Cards

As a free user, you will also get access to

Dedicated Platform for Tests and Flash Cards

BOOKMARK where you can bookmark any MCQs and Flash Cards with priorities assigned from 0 to 100%

NOTES where you can make your own note from any MCQs and Flash Cards.

You can also access to repository of your bookmarked topics and notes.

Note: Latest Sample Tests & Flash Cards will be lived on 20th March 2019 by 6:00 PM

Important Note for Aspirants

– Kindly go through with every detail of the 70 Days WAR Plan

– Prepare references prescribed in the Plan

– Read all suggested references with orientation of Prelims exam

– Highlights Prelims-oriented key points while reading suggested references so you will revise them when needed

– During revision time, focus on attempting our Tests, Flash Cards and your highlighted points if you find needed

– [For Target IAS Topper 2019] In case of any minor lapses of references, stick to the Prelims Tests and Flash Cards



Lastly, here is the beast!!!


Click Here to Download Schedule of 70 Days WAR Plan


Best of Luck!!!


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