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Target IAS Topper 2018

Announcement of Batch-2 of ‘Target IAS Toppers 2018’ Programme

Test starts from 10th November 2017 (Friday). Registration Open. This is the second batch of 'Target IAS Toppers 2018' Programme. Details of the programme.
By IT's Core Team
November 01, 2017


Hello Friends,


Our flagship programme – ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ has received great responses from our users. We got many mails to start new batch of this programme.

Finally, to entertain the popular demands of new users, now we are proud to announce the second batch of the programme.  

First of all, we recommend you read patiently two main posts of the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ programme i.e. one for Regular Aspirants and second for Working Professionals. These posts contain all information in detail about the programme.

[For Regular Aspirants] Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme – Roadmap & Planning

[For Working Professionals] Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme


Details of the Batch-2 of the programme will be below:

Programme Name: the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ programme [Batch-2]

Starting Date: 4th November 2017 (Wednesday)

First Test On: 10th November 2017 (Friday) [Revised]


Prelims Tests

For Regular Aspirants 

For Working Professionals

Mains Tests

For Regular Aspirants & Working Professionals

Fee: Original price for the complete ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’ is ₹ 9680/- But we are giving 25% discount on it. So, our INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE is ₹ 7260/- only.


What will you get?

All features given under Batch-1 of the programme will be same to subscribers of Batch-2 also. [Details is also given on subscription page]

  • 45 Tests of Prelims
    1. 39 Tests of Prelims G.S. Paper-1
    2. 6 Tests of Prelims CSAT Paper-2
  • 36 Tests of Mains G.S. Paper-1 to 4
  • 3600+ Flash Cards (Current + Conventional)
  • Monthly Magazines of Current Affairs Analysis from Jan 2017
  • Exclusive Day-To-Day Planning for Regular Aspirants
  • Detailed Solutions of Prelims Tests
  • Synopsis of Mains Tests
  • Online Platform
  • All India Ranking
  • Customized Bookmarks Repository
  • Detailed Subject-wise Performance Analysis of each test

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  • Earva Sathish

    hello sir
    i am fallowing ur website from past few days (regular aspirants) … i am in dedicate towards 2018 civils exam…
    my standards are not that much.., upto the level of toppers or aspirants ..
    from the past 2 weeks i am trying complete the daily shedule or weekly shedule.. unable to complete the whole presribed books .. of atleast 1 preferance… how can i overcome this…
    can u guide on mains orientation how to read…
    especially ethics i am unable to what is there

    • Earva Sathish

      do i download the test series papers…..
      any online videos regarding subjects…
      can i compete with ur 2 batch shedule

      • Hi Satish, we are pleased to hear that you are following our schedule from last two weeks.
        Never feel that you are not like toppers or like that…after all toppers are also human being. But the thing which differs the toppers from the others is their dedication, perseverance and determination towards their goal.
        You are a sincere aspirant and every sincere aspirant knows very well that UPSC demands high level of patience and continuity in planned reading.
        If you cannot complete your daily schedule, then don’t think that you are lagging behind. Practice makes man perfect. You just need to calm yourself. Confidence and firm determination will make your journey smooth towards IAS.
        Find out your weak areas and prioritize your reading. Make your daily schedule on hourly basis (that may be 8 to 10 hrs) and use every second of your reading efficiently. You will overcome with your problem in few days.
        After subscribing our programme, you can definitely download the test series papers with OMR sheet and detailed solution booklet.
        we are not providing any online videos regarding subjects…but We provides 3600+ Flashcards which will cover entire G.S. paper-1 (all the Conventional Subjects with Current Affairs). These Flashcard will make your knowledge and fundamentals strong enough to crack the UPSC.

        Yes Satish, you can compete with our batch-2 schedule of ‘Target IAS Toppers 2018’ Programme.
        Even you can start from today onwards.
        Please go through our mains test schedule. Majority of references are same for prelims and mains. We suggest what to read for each topic/subject for the mains. See the Schedule here:

        If you have any query about how to prepare see the Strategy here:
        If you want to subscribe our programme, please go through below article:

        For Subscribe:

        • Earva Sathish

          Sir., how to prepare notes for papers 1,2,3 from ncert… Is it necessary from as it consumes more time… I come to know that prelims we need to complete 1,4 & optional paper once…
          Can I get imobile contact number to make communication…, where is it’s head office… As some friends said there is a probability fraud websites.. Don’t mind it’s many aspirants doubts in there mind who are around me

          • Earva Sathish

            No where I found ur contact number in website

          • You can contact us by e-mail here:

          • For note-making and other queries, please go through our complete strategy on UPSC CSE at here:
            Second thing, there might be many fraud websites or institutes available in the market. But have you ever seen any fraudulent entity consistently providing free content for last two years?
            We are providing almost all initiatives free of cost to help aspirants like you to help in realization of their dreams. The only one initiative, we are charging a fee is ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ programme. You can see that its price is again very nominal against the components we will deliver.
            In our initial days, we had also given a contact no. but it was being an unmanageable task for us to handle calls on daily basis. That’s why we are running an programme with e-mail assistance. You can contact us any time and will receive a reply from us within maximum 12 hours. By the way, we are based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Feel free to contact us via mail.

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  • manjit

    Hi team, I am very much excited to join your programme. i’m late to join but will manage it. once again thanks.

  • Earva Sathish

    i have joined the programme paid through paytm …. but how to login what is the procedure

    • Earva Sathish

      i joined the programme .. what is the procedure to take test
      … what is the login procedure

  • Earva Sathish

    i joined the programme ,paid tghrough paytm debit card and money has deducted but i didn’t get any confirmation assurance of any either … iastoppers website.. or money transfer details ..kindly through it

  • Earva Sathish

    Hello sir… U have not provided any assurance of yesterday paid money for batch2 program

    • Hi, Sathish
      We have received paytm conformation so don’t worry about your payment.
      You will get all the details by 4 pm today @ your mail.

      • Earva Sathish


    • Please check your mail.

  • Hunter

    Sir, will mains tests be held online ?

    • Under the Target IAS Topper 2018 programme, only Prelims Tests will be held online on its dedicated platform.
      Mains test series will be provided with synopsis.


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