Target IAS Topper 2018

Announcement of Batch-3 of ‘Target IAS Toppers 2018’ Programme

Test starts from 11th December 2017. Registration Open. This is the Third Batch of 'Target IAS Toppers 2018' Programme. Details of the programme.
By IT's Core Team
December 07, 2017


Hello Friends,


After getting the overwhelmed response for our flagship programme – ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ Batch-1 and Batch-2, we are now introducing the 3rd Batch.

It is an opportunity for many who feel they are late in the race of cracking the Civil Services Examination 2018. It is the best time for those who want to crack the exam right from the December 2017.


First of all, we recommend you read patiently two main posts of the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ programme i.e. one for Regular Aspirants and second for Working Professionals. These posts contain all information in detail about the programme.

[For Regular Aspirants] Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme – Roadmap & Planning

[For Working Professionals] Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme


Details of the Batch-3 of the programme will be below:


Programme Name: ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ programme [Batch-3]

Starting Date: 7th December 2017

First Test On: 11th December 2017

Schedules: Click Here to access schedules (Prelims & Mains)



Original price for the complete ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’ is ₹ 9680/- But we are giving 25% discount on it. So, our INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE is ₹ 7260/- only.


What will you get?

All features given under Batch-1 of the programme will be same to subscribers of Batch-2 also. [Details is also given on subscription page]

  • 45 Tests of Prelims
    1. 39 Tests of Prelims G.S. Paper-1
    2. 6 Tests of Prelims CSAT Paper-2
  • 36 Tests of Mains G.S. Paper-1 to 4
  • 3600+ Flash Cards (Current + Conventional)
  • Monthly Magazines of Current Affairs Analysis from Jan 2017
  • Exclusive Day-To-Day Planning for Regular Aspirants
  • Detailed Solutions of Prelims Tests
  • Synopsis of Mains Tests
  • Online Platform
  • All India Ranking
  • Customized Bookmarks Repository
  • Detailed Subject-wise Performance Analysis of each test


Click here to Subscribe


Notifications Popular Target IAS Topper 2018
  • Prabhat Yadav

    Schedules still not posted. 🙁

    • Schedules are posted. We have also mailed regarding schedules. Check your mailbox. Thanks.

      • Chandrasekar G

        i have subscribed batch 3 target IAS given two test still my rank is 1st but my mark was low .need a proper comparison to find the real competetion

        • Dear Chandrasekhar, how can we compel anyone to take online tests? Many of our users opt for offline tests for real-time examination feel. According to us, our initial tests are meant for learning and building understanding. You can expect competition in our last 9 full-length mock tests. We believe that in our tests, if you are scoring more than 110, you will be playing safe for UPSC CSE Prelims 2018. Thanks

  • Prabhat Yadav

    I have paid for the test series, but still can not reach dashboard page, mailed you the screenshots. please help ASAP.

    • Srishti Priya

      Can you please review the test series? You must have given 2 tests by now.

      • Shirshendu Pradhan

        I must say the quality of test series is awesome. every question has solution and enrich your learning part which make every question comprehensive and informative. question quality is upto the upsc standard. overall best tests among the available in the market. I feel completely satisfied with the team IT and their prompt responses.

        • Srishti Priya

          Thank you 🙂

        • zareen

          can i get ur email id..wanted ur feedback

      • Prabhat Yadav

        Quality is great. I opted for this test series because I found their current affairs better than Insights. For example their map coverage (in test solutions, or current affairs is more detailed). The only negative thing is that here are less subscribers than insights, so if an answer is wrong then you may not know. But they are very careful, you will get a prompt reply unlike insights. So far so good. I still rate it above insights. One would easily get demotivated seeing insights timetable as it started in July.

        • Shirshendu Pradhan

          I completely agree with @disqus_oPZOvAK4q5:disqus!!!

        • Srishti Priya

          Thank you. Even I find their current affairs section better than insights and that’s why I wanted to join. But they are very irregular with their mains and editorial section so I was sceptical that they should not do the same with test series.

          • Prabhat Yadav

            Each and everyday is very important, So we should not waste time in deciding which one is better. So if you are wish to start, start right now.

          • Shirshendu Pradhan

            indeed their current affairs and other initiatives are qualitative. I think they will be regular from first week of jan 2018. IT mentions about it in ‘A dawn of new Era…’ article.
            you are right Prabhat. if one has to crack the exam, one should not waste time.

          • Prabhat Yadav

            Which batch have you joined?

          • Shirshendu Pradhan

            I’m batch-2 regular subscriber.

        • zareen

          i wanted ur feedback..can i get ur email id

      • Parita

        I have joined IT test series just two days ago. as per my nature, i completely assessed their way of presentation and the services they provide. now i come to the conclusion that iastoppers is the best in content quality. i agree with prabhat that here are less subscribers than insights but the reasons are that IT is not marketing their name, they are growing and they are new comer in comparison of insights which is around five years old. but this has nothing to do with our preparation. i have also checked their last years’ flash cards. they are completely game changer. finally i believe that as far as quality of tests and responses are concerned, iastoppers is far far better than insights, vision and baba put together.

        • Prabhat Yadav

          Furthermore, if someone wants to join a test series now, he will easily get demotivated on insights seeing the fellow subscribers at test 15 or so. I liked the bookmarks feature very much where we can give importance rating to a particular question.Which test have you opted for? Batch 3 Regulars?

  • Parita

    I read your programme roadmap and plan. it’s awesome and unique.

  • Chandrasekar G

    only test 1 of batch 3 questions and solution are available for download as pdf when will be the test 2 and 3 pdf will be available


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