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IASToppers’ Strategy section provides you a detailed and analytical series of articles on various aspects of UPSC Civil Services, also known as IAS exam preparation. It is a series of 9 articles on how to prepare for Civil Services exam right from the beginning. They provide you every facets of your preparation like How to approach exam, analysis of the previous years exam, trends of the exam, syllabus of the exam, suggested reading for Prelims, Mains & Interview etc.

IASToppers Strategy is a sincere efforts by our team to guide you in your entire preparation journey.

Various Parts of the Strategy include:

Part-1 Preface to the Strategy of UPSC Civil Services Examination  

Part-2 Some common exam related Myths and their Clarifications

Part-3 Enter The Cave. Preliminary Examination: Trend Analysis & Suggested Booklist

Part-4 Mains General Studies Paper 1 & 2: Trend Analysis & Suggested Booklist

Part-5 Mains General Studies Paper 3 & 4: Trend Analysis & Suggested Booklist

Part-6 Current Affairs (Pre+Mains) and How to read Newspaper?

Part-7 Optional Subject and Essay Paper. Game-changing Papers

Part-8 Time Management and Other Vital Issues

Part-9 How To Become IAS While Doing Job: Exclusive Strategy For Working Professionals


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