A Dawn of New Preparation Era with IASToppers: From 1st January 2018

From 1st January 2018, we will come with enthusiasm and great energy. This will be the new beginning of IASToppers. We promise that it will be the ALL NEW IASToppers.
By Director, IASToppers
December 10, 2017

A Dawn of New Preparation Era with IASToppers: From 1st January 2018


Hello Friends,


Thank you very much for your well wishes and support. IASToppers is growing by leaps and bounds. We are very much astonished about the growing responses from diverse parts of India, even we are not running many initiatives regularly on website.

We have received many mails regarding stalled initiatives like Editorial Simplified, Mains Article, PreQuiz, Flash Cards, etc. We are regretful for not fulfilling your expectations till date.

Actually, our whole team is currently engaged in our flagship programme – ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’. The only reason for not pursuing these initiatives is the conflict between time and quality. We always prefer quality.

In previous years’, the above mentioned initiatives were part of the paid programme. But from this year onwards, we are making them open to all i.e. completely free of cost. We seek some time to manage our Programme for the upcoming CSE 2018.

We are coming with an all-new planning from 1st January 2018. We promise to start/restart all stalled initiatives.

Till then, Current Affairs Analysis (the most popular initiative on IASToppers) will be regularly posted on daily basis. Click here to access CAA archive. If you like our initiative, please like and share among the peer aspirants who are in need of quality content. Thanks in advance.

We appeal to all our users that you can give us feedback about the prospects of IASToppers and what initiatives you would like to see on IASToppers and in which format.

From 1st January 2018, we will come with enthusiasm and great energy. This will be the new beginning of IASToppers. We promise that it will be the ALL NEW IASToppers.

You will be informed much before the 1st January 2018 about the new planning and initiatives. Stay connected.

The support and encouragement from our users always give us power and motivation. We seek your cooperation and support. We are truly committed to fulfil your demands and expectations. See you on 1st January 2018. Till then stay connected and spread the word – IASToppers.





  • Siddharth

    I’m waiting for ALL NEW IASToppers. It is coincidence that from 1st Jan 2018, i’m going to gear up my preparation. I hope the journey with you guys will be victorious for me and many students like me. Thanks IT team.

  • priya singh

    Sir plz provide plan before 1 Jan that will be excuted from 1 Jan, so excited for you new initiative, and thanks for your wonderful current analysis and also for your upcoming Initiative.

    • Hi Priya, Thank you for your compliments. The plan for initiatives started from 1st January 2018 will be posted on 30th or 31st December 2017.

  • Pradeep ronaldo

    I am looking forward to your Daily initiative for daily quiz. I request you to cover quiz from at least Jan 2017 so that at least 1.5 year is covered to tackle any kind of question. I am enrolled in Batch 3 WP. Thank you

    • Hi Pradeep due to hectic schedule and some exigencies, we will possibly start all initiatives by 8th January 2018 including Daily Quiz. As far as coverage of current affairs is concerned, it will be extensively covered under our programme’s components i.e. Prelims Tests and Flash Cards. We are planning to start Daily Quiz with the objective of covering from January 2017. but if you are the subscriber of our programme, don’t worry about the quality and coverage.

  • prabhakaran lpn

    Sir please keep up this… I am more trusted only IASTOPPERS….

  • priya singh

    Sir what about 1 Jan initiative will it be start or not plz reply

    • Hi Priya,
      We are about to post an article by tonight containing all info about surprise plan and IT’s future course of action. Please wait for tonight. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

    • Dear Priya, we are very near to complete our article. We confirm that the post will come by tomorrow morning. Thanks.

  • Zoe

    Sir waiting for the initiative eagerly. You have the best coverage of current affairs. Having the same expectation from other initiatives too. If you could pay heed to one request , Kindly post your articles as pdf also so that we can save it and compile at one place .

  • Rakesh Raghaw

    what about the new initiative…. A new dawn of hopes…. or lazinesss of IAS TOPPERS

  • Nishant Singh

    Seriously iastoppers’ team? Was it all just fake propaganda.. u r not even able to update current affairs.. me and many others rely on u for daily coverage. Plss don’t disappoint

  • Pradeep ronaldo

    The quality of your Daily Current Affairs and Flash cards and your Enrich your Learning solutions in your test series are the best. But at the same time you lack in one aspect and that is your consistency in delivering on promises. This may be the difference which pulls a quality webcoaching like yours down. I hope Team IT addresses the issues taking the fact that less than 150 days are left for PT 2018.

  • Aditya

    I am expecting new initiative this morning but all in vain. This morning, that morning, tonight, tomorrow, these words are being used by IASTopper. Come on, update real picture of your strategy.

  • Dear users, over the past few days, we have seen anxiety and frustration towards our inconsistency. We feel happy to see your care towards us. We warmly welcome your criticism and harsh words.
    We think that it is the right time to share something important to our users. When we faced a cyber attach on our main website, test platforms and our PCs one month ago, we fall in the unforeseen circumstances. After giving efforts to restore all these platforms, we were assured by technical team that all was ok. But it was shocking for us when we came to know that we could not open many important documents. By that time, we decided to start remaking all these lost documents. We are obliged towards our paid users. So, our whole team was engaged in streamlining our paid programme. We are working on it and are very near of its completion.
    On the other hand, we are truly concerned about the time i.e. around 150 days are left for Prelims exam. So that we decided to restart all initiatives on website (which we were running as paid in past years) and make all of them free of cost.
    You have objected towards our laziness and inconsistency. We would like to clarify that a lazy person never conscious about quality and an irregular person never achieved any success. It was the result of our both quality and consistency that we achieved a landmark success of 84 questions in UPSC Prelims 2017.
    Hope you can understand our genuine concerns. Seeking your kind cooperation.
    By the way, all initiatives will be regular from 9th January 2018.
    If you feel your are late for UPSC CSE 2018, here is a gift from IASToppers to you. http://www.iastoppers.com/upsc-cse-2018-far-aim-roadmap-strategy-batch-4/

    • Rakesh Raghaw

      its not your users but its you who created a hype around the web from the last 15 days that we will come up with this plan that plan….. a new dawn of hope …. etc etc… so dnt get frustrated rather try to convert your plans in reality. i was a user of insightonindia… and switched here after an advice from a friend and i dont have any regret about that because you have a wonderful content…. but again i m criticising you on your consistency on lots of initiative… hope you will soon making reality what u promised…

      • Shirshendu Pradhan

        hey first thing you r the most negative person finding faults in everyone. i have been following this platform for the long time. i have never seen them marketing or creating hype. if you are chamcha of insight and like it then who have invited u to come here. the people like u r not only insulting the efforts of these genuine guys but also wasting the important time of your life. so go to hell and rest peace there…u doesn’t have enough maturity to behave.

  • kiran

    Dear ias toppers , Myself kiran from hyderabad recently i joined in ur programme , am preparng for civils from past 3 years and went interview once .I went to tell this msge to our friends that this ias toppers team is providng highly qualititaive material in the terms of test series , current affairs , flash cards and may be the best enriched materials compared to all other institutes offline or online insttutes like ias baba , insights ,gk today , vajram or vison etc….,so please support them in the crisis.60% of our success depends on the material what we are studing , so these best is providing by ias toppers team.So please support them don’t post any negative comments on them .We collectively work as a family under ias toppers team and get into the service …….,thanq

  • Prabhat Yadav

    First of all, please add tests of batch 3. It has been so long. At least paid services should be timely delivered. Rest all is bonus. I know your site was down, but please understand we can’t afford to lag behind. Just 4 tests of 45 has been uploaded yet. We have to prepare for optionals too… We preferred your test series over other. Please don’t disappoint us. Your quality is great but we want regularity also.


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