70-Days-WAR-Plan-Quiz-for-IAS-Prelims-2019 Day-1 A&M History
70 Days WAR Plan

Day#1 Static Quiz Ancient & Medieval History [70 Days WAR Plan]

Chinese traveller Hsuan Tsang; Mahajanapadas; Vijayanagara empire; Sher Shah Suri; Upanishads; Silk Route; Sabha and samite; Chola Empire; Brahmasputa Siddhanta; Pandya kingdom
By IT's Core Team
March 22, 2019

70 Days WAR Plan Static Quiz Day-1 [Ancient & Medieval History]

IASToppers Prelims 2017 Daily MCQs is based on the Hindu, PIB, Indian Express, Business Standard, TOI, LiveMint and other news sources.

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