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Day#71 Current Affairs Flash Cards [PRELIMS 2020]

Exercise Nomadic Elephant 2019; Teesta River; ‘Pyrotechnic Safety Switch’; Reunion Island; Exercise Ekuverin;
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October 15, 2019



India’s Joint Military Exercise named ‘Ekuverin’ was recently held with a) Indonesia b) Vietnam c) Maldives?

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  • Maldives

Enrich Your Learning:

Exercise Ekuverin:

  • Tenth edition of the Joint Military Exercise Ekuverin between the Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Force was organised from 07 to 20 October 2019 at Aundh Military Station in Pune, Maharashtra.
  • The Indian Army and the Maldives National Defence Forces have been conducting Exercise Ekuverin meaning ‘Friends’ in the Dhivehi language since 2009.
  • The 14 days Joint Exercise held alternatively in India and Maldives focuses on enhancing interoperability for carrying out counter insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in a semi-urban environment under the United Nations mandate.
  • The 9th edition of the exercise was held in 2018 at Northern Area Headquarters, Lh. Maafilaafushi of Maldives.



Reunion Island is located in which ocean?

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  • Indian Ocean

Enrich Your Learning:

Enrich Your Learning

Reunion Island:

  • Reunion Island is French island strategically located in Indian Ocean east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius.
  • Around 8,50,000 French citizens reside there. It is most prosperous island in the Indian Ocean, having the highest GDP per capita in the region.

Why is it important?

  • Indian and French navies conducted final and third phase of Varuna naval exercise 2018 near Reunion Island in Indian Ocean region (IOR) to enhance their operational coordination.



‘Pyrotechnic Safety Switch’ (PSS) was sometimes appeared in news. What is it? and where it is used?

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Solution & Enrich Your Learning:

  • The PSS is an automatic safety switch which utilizes a pyrotechnic initiator to cut the electrical power to a designated portion of the vehicle in a crash.
  • The safety switch is activated by the same crash sensors as the airbags. Cutting the vehicle’s electrical power minimizes the potential for a fire caused by a damaged electrical system exposed to flammable liquids or gases.



The Teesta river flows in which Indian state/states?

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  • Assam, Sikkim and West Bengal.

Enrich Your Learning:

Teesta River:

  • River Teesta is originated in the Himalayas and flows through Sikkim and West Bengal to merge with the Brahmaputra in Assam and Jamuna in Bangladesh. [Brahmaputra is called Jamuna in Bangladesh.]
  • Water distribution of Teesta river is the major conflict between India and Bangladesh since independence.

Importance of Teesta River:

  • The flow of the river is crucial for Bangladesh from December to March for that they require 50 per cent of the river’s water supply, while India claims a share of 55 per cent.
  • Teesta carves a way for itself through the verdant Himalayas in temperate and tropical river valleys and also forms the border between Sikkim and West Bengal.
  • For West Bengal, Teesta is equally important, considered the lifeline of half-a-dozen districts in North Bengal.
  • The importance of the flow and the seasonal variation of this river is felt during the lean season (from October to April/May) as the average flow is about 500 million cubic metre (MCM) per month. Consequently, there are floods during monsoons and droughts during the dry periods.
  • India and Bangladesh share 54 common streams with the Teesta being a major one.



‘Nomadic Elephant 2019’ is a joint military training between which countries?

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‘Nomadic Elephant 2019’ is an annual bilateral military exercise between India and Mongolia.

Enrich Your Learning:

Exercise Nomadic Elephant 2019:

  • The 14th edition exercise is being conducted over a period of 14 days, will commence from 05 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 19 at Bakloh (Himachal Pradesh).
  • Nomadic Elephant-XIV (2019) is aimed at training troops in counter insurgency & counter terrorism operations under United Nations mandate.
  • It is an ideal platform for the armies of both the nations to share their experiences & best practices and gain mutually during the joint training.
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