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Day#88 Current Affairs Flash Cards [PRELIMS 2020]

Mandana Paintings; Sukhna Lake; Central Waqf Council; Open General Export Licences; Global Pension Index;
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November 29, 2019



Mandana Paintings are practiced by which community in India?

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Mandana Paintings are practiced by the Meena community.

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About Mandana Paintings:

One of the oldest forms of tribal art in India. Practiced in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh

About Mandana Paintings

  • Practiced by Meena Community. Done predominantly by women, and learnt by observation and emulation.
  • Mandana Paintings are of two types. The First, where elements of nature such as varieties of flowers and plants, birds and animals are drawn. While the second are motifs inspired by architecture.
  • Paintings indicate special or festive occasions like communal religious worship, festivals and fasts and auspicious days in the life of the community such as birth or marriage.
  • The paintings serve two purposes; a) the deity of the festival is invoked through the paintings b) the pictures were also a symbolic representation of the god or goddess.
  • This art is done on walls and floors, both within and surrounding the house, as a way to ward off evil and welcome the blessings of gods into the home. (While in Rajasthan they are painted on walls and on the floor, in Madhya Pradesh painting is usually restricted to the floor.)



Global Pension Index is compiled by?

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Global Pension Index is published by the Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) in collaboration with Mercer.

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About Global Pension Index:

  • Published by the Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) in collaboration with Mercer. Based on well countries fare on providing pension and retirement benefits to citizens across different income groups. The index covers 37 countries.
  • India score rose to 45.8 from 44.6 last year.


India`s ranking


32 out 37 countries


33 out of 34 countries


India’s index value increased largely due to the improvement in all three sub-indices of adequacy, sustainability and integrity.

Various Government initiatives like the following, has shown good results.

  • For the unorganised sector: Atal Pension Yojana (APY) which is available to all citizens below the age of 40 and Pradhan Mantri Shram-Yogi Maan-Dhan (PM-SYM) that covers workers in the unorganized sector with equal contribution by the government.
  • PM Karam Yogi Maan-Dhan-scheme for retailers and shop keepers,
  • PM Kisan Pension Yojan (PM-KMY) for small and marginal farmers



Open General Export Licences are issued by which Indian Ministry?

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Open General Export Licences are issued by the Ministry of Defence.

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About Open General Export Licences (OGELs):

  • Is a onetime export license given to companies for a specified duration (at the moment for 2 years) to export defence equipment from India.
  • The countries allowed under the OGELs are: Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland and Mexico. Export of items to a ‘Special Economic Zone’ is not permitted.
  • The applicant mandatorily needs to have Import-Export certificate.
  • The items permitted under OGEL include components of ammunition & fuse setting device without energetic and explosive material; firing control & related alerting and warning equipment and related system; and body protective items.



The membership of Central Waqf Council does not exceed?

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Composition of Central Waqf Council does not exceed 20 members.

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Central Waqf Council

A statutory body under the administrative control of the Ministry of Minority Affairs. Setup in 1964, through the Waqf Act, 1954.

Major Function:

  • Advisory Body to the Central Government on matters concerning the working of the Waqf Boards and the due administration of Auqaf.
  • Post the Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013. The Council has been empowered to advise the Central Government, State Governments and State Waqf Boards. It can now issue directives to the boards/ State Government to furnish information to the Council on the performance of the board particularly on their financial performance, survey, revenue records, encroachment of Waqf properties, Annual and Audit report etc.
  • Composition: The Chairperson, who is the Union Minister In charge of Waqf and such other members, not exceeding 20 in number, as may be appointed by the Government of India.


  • To advise Central Government, State Governments, State Waqf Boards on matters concerning the working of the Boards and due administration of Auqaf.
  • To monitor the implementation of the provisions of Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013 in States and UTs.
  • To render legal advice on protection and retrieval of the Waqf Properties and for removal of encroachment etc.
  • To implement the Scheme for Development of Urban Waqf Properties & Identification of potential Waqf land for development by National Waqf Development Corporation Ltd.
  • To implement Educational and Women Welfare Schemes for skill development and to empower the poor, especially Women.
  • To implement the Scheme of Computerization of the State Waqf Boards records, a Central sector scheme of   Ministry of Minority Affairs.
  • To seek necessary information from the State Government/Boards on the performance of the State Waqf Boards as per the provision given in the Waqf (Amendment) Act, 2013.
  • To take up the Waqf matters with various departments of Central and State Governments such as ASI, Railways, Revenue and Forest etc.
  • To undertake awareness programmes to promote the interest of the Council and to sensitize the Waqf institutions about their new roles and responsibilities.



Sukhna Lake is located at the foothills of?

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Sukhna Lake is located at the foothills of Shivalik Hills.

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Sukhna Lake

About Sukhna Lake:

  • Located at the foothills of Shivalik hills in Chandigarh. Formed by damming a seasonal stream called Sukhna Choe. Is a popular tourist site. It has also been declared as a reserved national wetland by the Government of India. The Sukhna lake has the longest channel for rowing and yachting in Asia.
  • Sukhna Wetland is spread over 565 acres. The catchment area of Sukhna Wetland spreading over 10,395 acres as finalised by the Survey of India includes 2,525 acres of Haryana and 684 acres of Punjab.
  • Discharge of pollutants from neighbouring areas a major threat to Sukhna .
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