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[Current Affairs] Flash Cards Sample Set #2

What is Extreme Value Theory? What is Ethanol Blending? A pap smear — a gold standard test; UNESCO’s Strategic Framework for Education in Emergencies in the Arab Region (2018-2012); What is E-Kuber?
By IT's Research Team
March 18, 2019



What is E-Kuber?

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  • E-Kuber is the Core Banking Solution of Reserve Bank of India.
  • The e-kuber system, implemented in 2012, is reported to be one of the foremost central bank oriented Core Banking Systems in the world.
  • E-Kuber provides the provision of a single current account for each bank across the country, with decentralised access to this account from anywhere-anytime using portal based services in a safe manner.
  • Kuber refers to Lord Kubera – the lord of wealth in Hindu Mythology.
  • Technology partner for RBI for launching e-kuber is Polaris Ltd.

What is E-Kuber iastoppers

What are the benefits of E-Kuber?

  • E-Kuber enables ease of operations. Some of the facilities offered include the provision of portal based access which allows Government departments to access on anywhere-anytime basis and view their balances – of all types including the Ways and Means Advances, drawings, funds positions and the like – all in a consolidated manner so as to help them in better funds management.
  • Auction of Government securities is done through e-kuber system.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds are available for subscription at the branches of scheduled commercial banks and designated post offices through RBI’s e-kuber system.
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) settlements are also proposed to be done through e-kuber.
  • RBI have launched a platform to enable trading in the priority sector lending certificates (PSLC) through e-Kuber.

What is CBS?

  • Core Banking Solutions (CBS) can be defined as a solution that enables banks to offer a multitude of customer-centric services on a 24×7 basis from a single location, supporting retail as well as corporate banking activities, as well as all possible delivery channels existing and proposed.
[Ref: Economic Times, Arthapedia]



What is Ethanol Blending? Give info. about the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme in India.

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What is Ethanol Blending?

  • Ethanol blending is the practice of mixing petrol with ethanol.
  • Ethanol is biofuel derived from Sugarcane molasses, corn, sorghum etc.what-is-blending-of-ethanol-

About the Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme:

  • Ethanol Blended Petrol (EBP) Programme was launched by the Government in 2003 to promote the use of alternative and environment friendly fuels.
  • The programme also sought to reduce import dependency for energy requirements.
  • However, since 2006, OMCs were not able to receive offers for the required quantity of ethanol against the tenders floated by them due to various constraints like State Specific issues, Supplier related issues including Pricing issues of ethanol.

Ethanol Blending in India:

  • In India, practice of blending ethanol was started in 2001.
  • It was first time mentioned in the Auto fuel policy of 2003.
  • Later, National Policy on Bio-fuels, 2009 made mandatory for oil companies to sell petrol blended with at least 5% of ethanol.

Ethanol Blended Petrol ias

[Ref: PIB]



What is Extreme Value Theory? & Where it is used?

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  • It is a branch of statistics that seeks to explain low-probability events.
  • First codified by Emil J. Gumbel, a German statistician in inter-War Germany, the basic ideas of extreme value theory or extreme value analysis set the ground for modern data journalism.
  • Gumbel, in fact, used these ideas to search patterns of political murder in the Weimar Republic.
Emil J. Gumbel

Where it is used?

  • Such techniques are used in a wide range of activities, from predicting the collapse of the share market to the odds of cloudbursts.
  • It is widely used in many disciplines such as structural engineering, finance, earth sciences, traffic prediction, and geological engineering.

 [Ref: The Hindu]



What is UNESCO’s Strategic Framework for Education in Emergencies in the Arab Region (2018-2012)? Why it is launched?

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UNESCO’s Strategic Framework is an instrument to help Arab States cope with the crisis through ensuring continuous access to education, quality education, and through building resilient education systems.


  • The Strategic Framework, jointly elaborated by UNESCO aims to increase access to quality learning opportunities for children and youth, to empower them with values, knowledge and skills for life and work, to support teachers and enhance the resilience of education systems.
  • The Strategic Framework consists of four strategic goals anchored in the three pillars of education: Access, Quality and System Strengthening.

strategic-goals-chart ias


  • Education has been deeply affected by the scale of crisis in the Arab Region, with over 13 million children and youth not going to school due to conflict.
  • 73 million Children in Syria are out of school; 3.3 million children in Yemen are out of school; 3.3 million youth and children in Iraq are in need of education assistance; 558 schools in Libya have been damaged, destroyed or used for sheltering displaced persons or the military.
[Ref: The Hindu]



A pap smear — a gold standard test — is a test associated with which disease? Why it is in news?

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  • A pap smear — a gold standard test — is a screening procedure for cervical cancer.
  • It tests for the presence of precancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix.

Why it is in news?

  • Experts says cervical cancer screening using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) appears promising as a pap smear — a gold standard test — for cervical cancer screening may not be feasible in India due to inadequate infrastructure, lack of trained doctors, and the relatively high cost.
  • A large clinical trial using VIA screening carried out showed the efficacy of the technique.
  • More so, using acetic acid for cervical cancer screening is inexpensive and can reduce the lifetime risk of cervical cancer by nearly 25% to 36%.
[Ref: The Hindu]