The O-SMART Scheme is launched by which Indian Ministry? What are its objectives?

April 29, 2020

The O-SMART Scheme is launched by which Indian Ministry? What are its objectives?



‘O-SMART’ Scheme is launched by Ministry of Earth Sciences. The mission aims to harness various living and non-living (water, mineral and energy) resources from the seabed and deep water.

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 Ocean Services, Technology, Observations, Resources Modelling and Science (O-SMART) Scheme

  • It is an umbrella scheme which encompasses a total of 16 sub-projects addressing ocean development activities such as Services, Technology, Resources, Observations and Science.
  • The scheme was launched on Ministry of Earth Sciences(MoES) foundation day.
  • The implementation duration of the scheme is from 2017-18 to 2019-20.
  • All the existing schemes are likely to be continued in a focused way as a part of umbrella scheme of (O-SMART).
  • The mission will help India to harness various living and non-living(water, mineral and energy) resources from the seabed and deep water.

Components of the O-SMART scheme:

  • Underwater robotics and ‘manned’ submersiblesare key components of the Mission.
  • Other components include early warning systemsfor oceanic disasters, setting up marine coastal observatories for monitoring marine pollution and acquisition of coastal research vessels.

Important deliverables under the Scheme:

  • Strengthening of Ocean Observations and Modelling 
  • Strengthening of Ocean Services for Fishermen
  • Setting up Marine Coastal Observatories for monitoring marine pollution
  • Setting up Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant (OTEC) in Kavaratti
  • Acquisition of 2 Coastal Research Vessels for Coastal research
  • Continuation of Ocean Survey and Exploration of Minerals and Living Resources
  • Technology Development for Deep Ocean Mining- Deep Mining System and Manned Submersibles
  • Setting up Six Desalination Plants in Lakshadweep


  • It will provide economic benefits to a number of user communities in the coastal and ocean sectors such as fisheries, offshore industry, coastal states, Defence, Shipping, and Ports etc.
  • This will help in reducing the search time for fishermen resulting savings in the fuel cost.
  • The scheme will help in addressing issues relating to Sustainable Development Goal-14, which aims to conserve use of oceans, marine resources for sustainable development.
  • O-SMART also provide necessary scientific and technological backgroundrequired for implementation of various aspects of Blue Economy.
  • State of Art Early Warning Systemsestablished under the Scheme will help in effectively dealing with ocean disasters like Tsunami, storm surges.
  • Technologies developed under the scheme will help in harnessing the vast ocean resources of both living and non-living resources from the seas around India.

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