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All India Radio: Spotlight-News Analysis -Security Scenario and Cross border terrorism in the Indian Subcontinent

Indian External Affairs Minister said that India has no problem talking to Pakistan, but it has a problem talking to ‘Terroristan’, asserting that Pakistan has created an entire industry of terrorism to deal with the Kashmir issue.
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September 26, 2019


  • Introduction
  • Significance of security scenario
  • Terrorism and Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s stance on Jammu & Kashmir
  • Why cross border terrorism of Pakistan disorders in last few months?
  • Will there be any plan of Pakistan on J&K in UN General Assembly 2019?

Security Scenario and Cross border terrorism in the Indian Subcontinent


  • Security Scenario in Indian subcontinent, particularly in south Asia, is passing through very critical phase due to cross border terrorism.

Significance of security scenario 

  • The discussion on security scenario in Indian subcontinent is of high importance due to the Jammu and Kashmir issue (abrogation of Article 370) and collapsing of dialogue with Afghanistan (which was initiated by US).

Terrorism and Pakistan

  • The history of cross border terrorism clearly shows that Pakistan has always created some external or internal enemy.
  • It has created complete mythical history of itself which is nothing but complete denial of Indian history.
  • In 1986, Pakistan even officially promoted terrorism by adopting ‘Bleed India with a Thousand Cuts’ (a military doctrine followed by Pakistan against India which consists of waging covert war against India using insurgents at multiple locations) as foreign policy tool.
  • Pakistan is facing pressures from many other entities. They are on the verge of getting blacklisted as far as international financial assistance is concerned as they are already in grey list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Pakistan is already blacklisted in Asia-Pacific FATF region.
  • Pakistan was the original Islamic country. Pakistan was the first country in the world which came on the exclusivity of the Muslim identify and exclusion of other communities. The emergence of Islamic state in Syria is just extension of it as the real center of terrorism was Pakistan.
  • Diplomatically, India has isolated Pakistan on many fronts. Financially, Pakistan is facing lots of internal problems. Except China, no major power is ready to stand with Pakistan as China want to do business in PoK and has interest in Gwadar port.
  • However, China knows that they have to face issue of exporting terrorism by Pakistan because China is currently facing conflict in Xinjiang region. (Xinjiang conflict is centred around the Uyghurs, a Turkic minority ethnic group who make up the largest group in the region).
  • After some American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, the US president withdraws peace talks with Taliban in Afghanistan. This cornered Pakistan as it has been giving shelter to Taliban.

Pakistan’s stance on Jammu & Kashmir

  • Pakistan is trying to attract the world attention to Jammu & Kashmir over the violation of human rights issues and detention of people. However, the international community has recognized the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir as a rightful measure.
  • Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was used to come out with a statement whenever somewhere there is mention of K –word. (Kaffir is a racist slur used to refer to a black person. When describing the term, the euphemism the K-word is now often used instead of kaffir).
  • OIC, in its final communique at the Makkah summit, reiterated its support for the legitimate rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and condemn India’s move in Jammu & Kashmir. However, even OIC (but not Pakistan) have now realise that Jammu & Kashmir issue is an internal matter.
  • Saudi Arabia send back immigrated Pakistani doctors and other back to Pakistan as Pakistan is the epicenter for illegal nuclear arms racket and promoting jihadi movement.

There are three kinds of statements that Pakistan has made over Jammu & Kashmir over abrogation of article 370:

  1. i) Human Right Violation
  2. ii) Parity between Indian and Pakistan military

iii) Nuclear threat 

  • Recently, a Hindu girl from Sindh region of Pakistan was found murdered in her hostel room highlighting the deplorable conditions of minorities in Pakistan. This shows that Pakistan has lot of questions to face as far as their internal human right issues are concerned.
  • Since, 1986, Pakistan has been violating the human right issue not just in Mirpur-Muzaffarabad but even in Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Pakistani scholar has defined Pakistan’s strategy as ‘MilliBus model’ – Military Business conglomerate. Earlier, only Pakistani leadership used to get hampered while promoting weapons to terrorist groups. However, after abrogation of Article 370, first time due to India’s well-crafted strategy, military leadership also get hampered. Hence, military is pushing political leadership to take strong actions.
  • The Pakistani PM recently made a comment that it would only talk with India if India frees Indian occupied Kashmir. This shows desperation of Pakistan over J&K issue.

Why cross border terrorism of Pakistan disorders in last few months?

The reason why cross border terrorism of Pakistan completely ruffled in last few months is because of

  1. i) National Investigation Agency (NIA) raids on Hawala racketeers.
  2. ii) Raids on Jammu & Kashmir bank activities by IT Department

Jammu & Kashmir bank was the main center for channelizing Hawala case money accountability to RBI or finance ministry.

Will there be any plan of Pakistan on J&K in UN General Assembly 2019?

  • If Pakistan tries to raise Kashmir issue once again, it will face another blow because
  • Human right council is the precursor to United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). In UNGA, Pakistan tried to bring Kashmir issue over human right violation and faced defeat as there was report coming out of human right violation in Pakistan itself.


  • Over 40 influential US law makers has supported that that US should reconsider its stand as far as general system of preference of trade is concerned. This shows that Pakistan is failing in their attempt.
  • Indian External Affairs minister also said that Pakistan has to accept that the model which they have built for themselves, which uses terrorism as an instrument of statecraft, no longer works.

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