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Medical Education Governance & Medical Council of India [Mind Map]

MCI; Parliamentary Committee Report; Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2016; Lodha committee; etc.
By IT's Mind Maps Maker Team
August 15, 2016


  • Why is it in news?
  • About Medical Council of India
  • Weaknesses Highlighted by the Parliamentary Committee Report
  • Recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee
  • Main shortcomings of the report
  • Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2016
  • Justice R.M. Lodha committee:

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  • manjit

    Easiest, Fastest, and Efficient way to Remember & cover comprehensively the whole topic, also very usefull for quick revision during peak time of exams. vry usefull. Thanks IASTOPPERS.

  • junaid

    when will you provide for polity or economics such mind maps ?

  • shantanu

    waiting for other topics and subjects.

  • jasmin

    useful in both pre and mains.

    • Kavya Murthy

      especially in answer writing

  • Siddharth

    nice topic

  • nandita

    can u help in ethics ?

    • shweta

      and in other subjects also

  • anoosha

    mind blowing.

  • priya

    other topics can be easily corelated with central issue. thanks guys

  • kaira

    very easy to understand, please provide for polity related issues.

  • bondita

    nice topic

    • manjit

      almost all relevent points covered.

    • arpita

      great work.

  • maushami

    points are covered in brilliant way please provide such other issues.

  • arpita

    very comprehensive

    • Bipin Malhotra

      can easily understand and the language is also lucid

    • chandani

      dissection of the issue… hahaha.

  • saumya

    providing full information thanks

    • MurliVm

      gives all the understanding of the topic thanks team.

  • rooma

    nice topic

    • sneha

      mind map is a new in trend i think…

  • ashima

    concept is nice effective in preparing any topic

    • yugveer

      map it self shows all the direction in which the issue is framed.

  • yugveer

    i dint knew about Lodha Committees overseeing the functioning of medical council. thanks.

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