Part-10 Other Vital Issues

Other vital issues include Implementing your strategy, Hindi or Vernacular languages, Coaching, etc.
By IT's Research & Analysis Wing
February 22, 2020


  • Coaching
  • Hindi or vernacular languages
  • Implementing your strategy



This question can be best answered only by you. You should decide whether you need to join coaching classes or not. Coaching classes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look:


  • Gives an overall idea of the exam, its structure and cultivates the necessary mind-set.
  • You can get proper guidance, clear your doubts and faculty’s wide experience in the field.
  • Coaching classes provide you a conducive environment for competitive examination like Civil Services.


  • By joining coaching classes, you might get entangled in useless competition.
  • Too much time gets wasted during travelling to coaching classes.
  • Sometimes faculty’s bad response might affect your flow of preparation.

You should be careful while selecting a coaching class as there are many fraudulent classes which also exists in the market.

It should be noted here that to clear the exam, all should have their own planning, perseverance, commitment along with regular self-study. These are of utmost importance and cannot be ignored simply by joining the coaching classes.

Hindi or Vernacular languages

Today many important references are also available in Hindi medium. However, we cannot deny the fact that their quality cannot match with their English counterparts. We suggest all Hindi and vernacular language aspirants not to make English language your weakness rather make it your strength. It can be easily learnt if you have a strong conviction to do so. Therefore, never hesitate to read important references which are available only in English such as newspapers.

Here, the question comes of writing an answer in Hindi or vernacular language. What you can do is, while reading an English source just write down key words in your own language. For Hindi and its associated languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu etc. you can get help of India Year Book (Hindi Edition).

Practice answer writing in your own language will surely help you in securing good marks.   

Implementing your strategy

After drawing a full proof plan for preparation, then comes the most important and deciding factor- its ‘Implementation’.

Many times best plans do not work due to lack of proper implementation. Best plans will not bring you any desired results when implemented with half-heartedness.

It may be possible that you will find difficulties in implementation of your plan. Don’t worry! Challenges are meant for not downgrading you but meant for bringing best out of you.

Usually, many students face problems in resuming after long breaks. Here you should stick to your plan and never give up to follow it. By continuing with your plan, you will see implementation itself gives you a kind of motivation and flow of energy. 

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