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All India Radio: Spotlight-News Analysis – Significance of Prime Minister’s Three-nation Visit

PM has embarked on one of his major three-nation visit i.e. France, UAE and Bahrain. Finding out the significance of Prime Ministers three-nation visit.
By IASToppers
August 23, 2019


  • Indo- French Bilateral relation
  • 1st visit to France: India’s old strategic partner
  • Recent developments in Indo-French relation
  • 2nd visit to UAE
  • 3rd visit to Bahrain
  • Why is it significant that India keeps getting calls to attend G7 meetings?

Significance of Prime Minister’s Three-nation Visit


PM has embarked on one of his major three-nation visit i.e. France, UAE and Bahrain.

Indo- French Bilateral relation

  • PM Modi, 2019 France visit is very important. He had visited France in the year 2015 and in June 2017.
  • In March 2018 France’s President visited India.
  • In the last four years, decisions are taken in the field of defence, economy, investments, trade, people to people contact and cultural in all Indo-French Bilateral meetings have almost been implemented completely.
  • In the above context, the current visit by PM Modi becomes very important as all the decisions are taken till now will be reviewed and all the future decisions, policies and bilateral agreements will be formulated.

1st visit to France: India’s old strategic partner

How this unscheduled visit is happening as it was not even in the calendar?

  • President of France had invited PM Modi for G-7 summit so it was very much on the card and schedule and it was also decided that a prefix a bilateral visit to France will be happening.
  • The PM visit to France was quite some time ago i.e. in 2017 so this visit was very much needed as France is the oldest strategic partner of India (agreement signed in 1998) and Indo-French relations are Important.

Recent developments in Indo-French relation

  • France under his national legislation designated Masood Azhar as a terrorist and continuously worked with India, the US and Britain put pressure on China to designate Masood Azhar as an international terrorist in the United Nations (UN).
  • Post Pulwama attack, it was France which came out with a very clear statement in support of India.
  • Very recently, after the abrogation of Article 370 and the revocation of 35A, France has been very supported in the UN Security Council meeting that took place on 16 August.
  • The Rafael Fighter jets of France has been acquired by India which is going to land in September.
  • 10,000 MW of nuclear energy (Jaitapur nuclear plant) is to be provided and the contract for that was signed in the way back in 2008 and it was operationalised in 2016.
  • The strategic partnership with France is very important for India and that will possibly form the core of this bilateral meeting

2nd visit to UAE

  • 3rd largest trading partner of worth 60 bn of India and it will be the third time that PM will be visiting UAE.
  • The last PM to visit UAE before Mr Modi was Mrs Indira Gandhi in the year 1981 and then the bilateral visit took place, after a long gap, in 2015. Since that time i.e. from 2015, the relationship between India and UAE has taken off in a very big way.
  • UAE was one of the first countries to come out and support India’s decision to abrogate Article 370 and termed it as ‘India’s sovereign and internal right’. It is very satisfying as UAE and Saudi Arabia had been supporting Pakistan in the past.
  • India has a comprehensive and strategic partnership agreement since 2015.
  • It is the 4th largest supplier to India i.e.8% of our energy requirements come from UAE.
  • About 3.3. Million i.e. 30% of the total 7-8 million of Indian diaspora working in West Asia is in UAE. Therefore, a huge remittance (about $15 bn) portion is coming from here.
  • Prime minister will be receiving the highest civil honour ‘Order of Zayed’ during this UAE visit.

3rd visit to Bahrain:

  • It is a country where no Indian Prime Minister has ever visited.
  • One of the reasons PM Modi is visiting Bahrain as he likes to reach out to countries and reinvigorate the relations.
  • West Asian region has emerged as a very important region in terms of our bilateral relations. Therefore, PM visit would be his intention to establish contact with the leadership in Bahrain.
  • West Asia is a focal point in the current government agenda and hence, the countries like Oman has also been reached out earlier by Mr Modi.
  • There are large numbers of officials from Bahrain who have to come to India regularly.
  • PM will launch a $4.2 million redevelopment project, a temple called Shreenathji (Shrikrishna temple) in Bahrain’s capital.

Why is it significant that India keeps getting calls to attend G 7 meetings?

  • India is vocal about Environmental subjects, terrorism and renewable energy so these subjects will be touched upon in G7 meeting as well.
  • Another major thing on the sidelines of G7 summit is Indian PM meeting with US President on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and this is a welcome opportunity as Indian PM will clarify the status of India as a “secular country” and it is not a Hindu-Muslim problem, as said by Mr Trump. It is a larger issue of terrorism and he should pressurize Pakistan to stop terrorism on its ground.


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