Target IAS Topper 2018

[For Regular Aspirants] Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme – Roadmap & Planning

With Roadmap for CSE 2018, 45 Exclusive Tests for Prelims 2018 (G.S. & CSAT) + 36 Exclusive Tests for Mains G.S. Paper-1 to 4 + 3600+ Flash Cards for Prelims 2018 (covering every topic of Prelims Syllabus) & Many striking features.
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August 15, 2017


  • 84% Success Ratio
  • Wake up before it’s too late
  • Self-study- panacea for all
  • Right Guidance and Strategy
  • One attempt is enough
  • Aim of the Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme
  • Overview of the Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme
  • Prelims Tests
  • Mains Tests
  • Importance of our Programme?
  • Value-added initiatives
  • How to manage whole exam from Prelims to Mains to Interview? [For Regular Aspirant]
  • How to make this attempt successful?
  • Fees
  • Process of payment
  • Duration of the Programme
  • Any deadline to Join
  • For Any Assistance


iastoppers TARGET-IAS-TOPPER-2018-Programme


[If you are seeing IASToppers for the first time, read every single line of the below post with patience. It’s our ideology to crack the Civil Services.]

Best-2 announced. Click on the below image to see details:

Batch-2 Target IAS Topper 2018 IASToppers Featured

To access our all new platform for ‘Target IAS Topper 2018’ Programme, Click here.

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84% Success Ratio

We are happy to announce that our Prelims 2017 programme achieved an unprecedented 84% success ratio i.e. 84 out of 100 questions are directly or indirectly appeared in UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2017 (GS paper-1) from:

  • Prelims Test Series 2017 (32+3 = Total 35 Tests = 3500 MCQs),
  • Flash Cards (Total 3150+ covering all topics of Prelims syllabus),
  • Current Affairs Analysis (Daily News Analysis)

We also posted a detailed article having screenshots from our sources. You can check at here

Thank you very much to all our users to make our efforts successful. Now we are coming with a more effective and more result-oriented programme targeting UPSC CSE 2018.


In this article, we will give you a result-oriented strategy with micro-planning. Moreover, all details of the programme will be shared in this article.



Wake up before it’s too late

As per UPSC calendar for 2018, tentative dates for next year Prelims and Mains are 3rd June 2018 and 1st October 2018 respectively. That means around 292 days are left to face the first stage of the examination i.e. Prelims. There are enough days left for anyone to crack the whole exam by targeted preparation and secure a good rank. But, if you are waiting for divine intervention to let you start your preparation and make you civil servant, you are missing chances of success.

If you are fresher and 2018 is your first attempt, this is the right time to start preparing for UPSC Civil Services exam 2018. Don’t waste your enthusiasm over useless worries. It is the fact that, in past years, many toppers became successful in their very first attempt with right guidance and strategy. You will be the next one.

If you are senior or experienced (attempting at CSE more than once) and ready to clear next CSE 2018 at any cost, you are on right place.

This platform will be gamechanger for all of you. While keeping faith on us, please shed away all your prejudices you have created over your last few years’ preparation journey.


Self-study- panacea for all

If you are unable to join any coaching class for one or another reason, don’t worry at all. Your chances of success are intact without joining any coaching class. It is the universal fact that any topper during their preparation, either join coaching classes or not, has to do a consistent self-study. It is the self-study that helps you to secure a rank. Coaching class may be the facilitator. Self-study is something which widen your thinking level as well as your analysis power, helps to retain information more naturally, helps to build a sense of responsibility and finally increases self-confidence.

Our programme for 2018 is wholly based on the ideology of self-study. By following our flawless and exemplary schedule of learning and attempting our every test on time, you will surely feel the progressive difference within the short span of time.


Right Guidance and Strategy

As you all know, the right strategy and the right guidance brings you to the doorstep of success. Your hard work will yield result only under the right guidance and perfect strategy. These two elements will boost your confidence day by day and help you to stay focused till you achieve your dream. Our detailed strategy divided into 9 distinct parts helps you to clear any doubt regarding the UPSC Civil Services exam. Click here to access all parts.

After putting many hours and days of research and analysis as well as rigorous discussions with lots of Toppers, we have just devised an all-new roadmap for 2018 covering everything an aspirant needed while preparing UPSC CSE 2018. Your hope and faith in our guidance and strategy will surely make your this year’s attempt final and successful.


One attempt is enough

One single attempt with dedicated, focused and consistent efforts is enough to get success in UPSC civil services exam. So, don’t waste time by experimenting each and every strategy available in the market. Anyone can still clear this exam by trial and error, but your every subsequent attempt with half-hearted preparation exhaust your enthusiasm. This is the case of many struggling aspirants.

Our Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme helps you in all possible ways to achieve your dream of becoming Civil Servant and serving the nation.


Aim of the Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme

The only aim of this Programme is to help you get a good rank. Let start your everyday with an enthusiasm and finished with some accomplishment and sense of achievement is the goal of Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme. We need your complete dedication and consistent efforts towards achieving every single target in time.


Overview of the Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme

Following components are included in one single programme – Target IAS Topper 2018:

  • 45 Tests of Prelims
  • 39 Tests of Prelims G.S. Paper-1 (100 Questions in each Test)
  • 6 Tests of Prelims CSAT Paper-2 (80 Questions in each Test)
  • 36 Tests of Mains G.S. Paper-1 to 4
  • 3600+ Flash Cards
  • Monthly Magazine of Current Affairs Analysis
  • Two Distinct Day-To-Day Planning for Regular Aspirants and Working Professionals
  • Detailed Solutions of Prelims Tests
  • Synopsis of Mains Tests
  • Unique Online Platform
  • All India Ranking
  • Customized Bookmarks Repository
  • Detailed Subject-wise Performance Analysis of each test (with Graphs, Charts, Tables, and many more features)


Prelims Tests [Goal: 145+ Marks in Prelims 2018]


  1. 39 Tests of G.S. Paper-1
  • 14 Basic to Advance Tests +
  • 6 Intermediate Revision Tests +
  • 10 Subject-wise Revision Tests +
  • 9 Full-Length Mock Tests
  1. 6 Tests of CSAT [Goal: 100+ Marks]
  2. 3600+ Value-added Flash Cards
[If you are subscriber of Working Professional plan, read this post at here]

Key Features of the Prelims Test Series:

  1. No. of Tests:

  • Over the last few years, the base of Prelims exam becomes much broader. It demands you to know both facts and concepts very well whether it is static part or current part of the syllabus. In this case, your knowledge should be more broad based than in-depth. Your preparation should be comprehensive covering every aspect of the syllabus. Finally, merit list is prepared on the marks you get in the first paper of the Prelims exam.
  • To justify all these, this year, we will provide 39 Tests on Prelims G.S. Paper-1. Divided in 4 layers of micro-planning, 39 tests focus on every subject and their inner-topics of the syllabus. They will give you enough space to cover and revise vast nature of the general studies paper.
  • Moreover, 6 full-length mock tests on Prelims CSAT Paper-2 will also be given.


  • Finally, our trademarked initiative – FLASH CARDS (3600+ under the programme) will also help you to command over Prelims General Studies paper-1. After seeing the nature of flash cards, you will realize that in terms of learning, one single flash card is equal beneficial as one detailed explained MCQ. We mean to say that under this programme, you will learn 3900 facts and concepts in the form of 39 G.S. paper-1 Tests and another 3600+ facts and concepts in the form of Flash Cards. That means, under our single programme, you will have 75 Tests for Prelims G.S. Paper-1 (39 G.S. Tests + 3600 Flash Cards) + 6 Tests of Prelims CSAT Paper -2 = 81 Prelims Full-Length Tests.    
  1. References

  • NCERTs are all-weather sources for UPSC CSE. They help you to make your foundation strong with their lucid language and simple method of learning concepts. Under our Prelims test schedule, you will read all important NCERTs. Here your reading NCERTs will be supplemented with lots of practice of MCQs which will clear your doubts and make your fundamentals strong.
  • Apart from NCERTs, you will read all important Standard Reference books like Laxmikanth, Bipan Chandra, G.C Leong etc. Moreover, important chapters from NIOS (for culture and environment), CCRT (for culture) and ICSE books (for geography) will also be covered. In this way, your preparation will be comprehensive and strong.

Your references will be divided into two parts:

First, Primary sources which are compulsory to read and

Second, Additional sources which are not compulsory to be read but questions will be framed from them.

[What’s logic behind mentioning Additional sources? Additional sources are those sources which are sort of research on that particular subject for example, D D Basu for Polity, Dutt and Sundaram for Economy, Grover and Sekhar Bandyopadhyay for Modern History, Savindra Singh for Geography, P.D. Sharma for Environment etc. These sources contain many important Prelims oriented facts, concepts and understandings. That’s why we cover them to enhance your fundamentals.]
  1. Approach

This time, we prepare Prelims-Mains Integrated schedule with Multi-Dimensional Micro Planning. Under this approach, your preparation will be from basics to advance.


  • After reading NCERT Class 6 (Ancient History), you will read NCERT Class 12 Part-1 (Ancient History), and finally TamilNadu Class 11 (Ancient History). Old NCERT Class 11 (Ancient History) is put under additional sources. In this way, your reading on Ancient History will be integrated from basics to advance levels.


  • For geography, you will read NCERTs from class-6 to 12, G.C. Leong and ICSE Geography books. Across these sources, we will integrate Physical geography, Human geography and finally Indian geography.

This approach will be applied to all subjects and their topics & sub-topics of the syllabus. You will get better idea after seeing schedule here.

  1. Current Affairs

The importance of Current Affairs is immense in whole UPSC civil services exam. To justify this section, your every test will have 30-35% questions on current affairs.

In UPSC Prelims 2017, many questions which seems to be the nature of static Culture or Economy or Environment etc. and might fall from unknown sources had connections with current affairs. For example, questions on below topics were in news.

  • Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve,
  • Manipuri Sankirtana,
  • River Teesta,
  • Animals under Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972,
  • Kakatiya kingdom,
  • Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD),
  • Natural habitat of gharials in India,
  • Broad-based Trade and Investment Agreement (BTIA),
  • Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of WTO,
  • ELISA project,
  • Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, etc.

As we declared earlier, we have achieved 84% success in Prelims 2017, almost all questions on current affairs were covered under our initiatives like Target Prelim 2017 (Test Series), Current Affairs Analysis and Flash Cards. You can check our coverage on current affairs by seeing this post at here.

  1. Timing of the Test:

Your schedule will be based on rational calculations of timing after considering given sources for reading. You will be given appropriate time for completion of your daily targets. You will get better idea after seeing schedule here.

You will get better idea after seeing schedule here.

  1. Revision:

The most important part of our schedule is Revision. Every year, many serious aspirants could not make their attempt successful because of their lack of revision. To overcome your shortcoming, we have given true justification of revision at many places. For example,

  • Under our schedule, out of given time between every two tests, first seven days are allotted for reading the references, next two days are for REVISION and the last day will be allotted for your
  • Periodic Revision Test: Out of first 20 tests, 6 Intermediate tests (after every four tests and last three tests) will be revision test.
  • Exclusive Revision Test: After first 20 tests, next 11 tests will be revision test in form of subject-wise sectional tests.
  • Flash Cards: Apart from tests, our flash cards (3600+) will also serve the purpose of revision.
  1. Day-to Day Planning:

Our schedule will be based on day-to day planning. You will be given daily targets. Targets under the day-to day planning will be realistic which will keep you focused till the last day of the exam.

  1. Nature of each Test

Our every test will be based on research and analysis of previous years’ trend of UPSC CSE. Not only CSE but also other examinations conducted by UPSC like CDS, CAPF etc. will be researched well as they have close connections with CSE. Same as the UPSC pattern, every test will be the mixture of Easy, Moderate, Difficult and Very Difficult types of questions. Note that not a single test would be entirely easy or entirely difficult, instead would be a balanced one.

  1. Solution:

You will get a single pdf file having both questions and answers. Each MCQ will be followed by three-layered solution.

Firstly, Answer: answer to the question i.e. a or b or c or d.

Secondly, Solution: Explanation to the question asked.

Finally, Enrich Your Learning: Learning of important facts, concepts and understanding related to the given question.

  1. CSAT [Goal: 100+ Marks in CSAT paper]

Many aspirants find difficulty in securing or failed to secure passing marks (66.6%) in CSAT paper and their entire year preparation goes in vain. This should not be happened. This year we will provide you 6 Tests on Prelims CSAT Paper-2. Apart from tests, we will also provide you a strategy on how to secure 100+ marks in CSAT paper. By following this strategy, you will comfortably secure 100+ marks in this paper. The plan will be given later.

  1. Flash Cards:

This is our trump card initiative. In UPSC Prelims 2017, many questions appeared directly or indirectly from this single initiative. Why this was possible? Because of the nature of this initiative. Flash cards target our twin objective:

  1. Learning: You will learn as well as easily remember many facts and concepts important for the exam as the Prelims is the test of your understanding of concepts and facts.
  2. Revision: What you read under our given schedule will be revised in many ways under this initiative. It will help you to revise important concepts and facts.

Note: Flash Cards will cover all topics and sub-topics of the Prelims syllabus. However, few percent of Flash cards on current affairs will be free on main website (on daily basis).

Last year we promised 2500+ flash cards but we delivered 3150+ flash cards under the Prelims Test Series Programme 2017. This year, after its success, we intend to provide you 3600+ Flash cards covering all topics and sub-topics of the Prelims G.S. syllabus.  


Features of the Prelims Test Platform

After joining this programme, you can access to our Premium platform dedicated only for Prelims tests till Prelims 2018. Here are the distinct features of the platform:


1. Take tests online:

The platform will provide you space where you can appear to take tests online under strict exam-like environment. There is no limitation on attempting tests.


2. Detailed Performance Analysis Report:

After each test, your detailed and exclusive performance analysis report will be sent on your dashboard. Analysis report includes

  • Topper Vs. You Comparison (Test-wise),
  • Topper Vs. You Comparison (Subject-wise),
  • Your Performance graph on each test,
  • All India Ranking etc.

By using this report, you can constantly assess your performance and find ways to improve your performance much before actual UPSC examination.


3. Bookmark any question with explanation for revision:

On our platform, you can bookmark any question from any test. You can access your bookmarked questions with its explanation anytime (No limits on their access) at one place. You can use this tool to bookmark any question you find important for the examination. In this way, you can make your own customized repository of probable or revision-needed questions. You can also assign priority to each selected bookmarked MCQ from 0 to 100%.


4. Create your own To-Do List:

You can create your own daily to-do list and become more organized and productive online. It is your personal Reminders and Planners.


5. Get updates from main site:

You will get updates of various daily and weekly initiatives from main site: on two places: one on and on your Online Test Platform.


6. All India Rankings:

For you, All India Rankings will be generated after every first attempt of each test. We will consider your marks only you will get in your very first attempt.


7. Schedule of the tests:

On this platform, you can also access day to day schedule of the programme.

You will get better idea after seeing schedule here.


8. Notification from us:

In case of any important notification we want to convey you, you will be given notification alert on your platform. You can also send your query by posting in comment sections under each post.


9. Previous years’ Prelims Analysis:

On your platform, you can see analysis of previous years’ Prelims exams (from 2011) in pie-chart form. It will become handy tool to analyse the trends of previous years’ exams papers.


Mains Tests [Goal: Score 420+ Marks in G.S.]


Many aspirants could not clear Mains exam because of many probable reasons:

  • Lack of Planning
  • Lack of target-oriented reading
  • Lack of writing practice
  • Avoiding or giving least weightage to essay and ethics papers
  • Not preparing well for Optional subjects
  • Lack of revision etc.

Optional papers, Ethics paper and the Essay paper of the Mains written examination is the deciding factor to get a secured place in the final merit list. So, please don’t avoid them. Try to score maximum marks in these papers.

We have already discussed about the importance of Optional Subject and factors keep in mind while choosing Optional subject with brief overview of some Optional subjects in our UPSC Strategy Part-7. Click here to access. Moreover, how to write decent essay is also extensively discussed in this part.

Then turn is for the questions of four papers of General Studies. Our Mains Tests will serve them at best.

Structure of our Mains Tests:

  • 18 Mini Tests with synopsis [5 Questions in each test] (Will be completed before Prelims 2018)
  • 10 Sectional Tests with synopsis [10 Questions in each test] (Will be started just after Prelims 2018)
  • 8 Full-length Mock with synopsis [UPSC-like full mock] (Will be started after sectional test and completed much before Mains 2018)


Features of Mains Tests

  1. Mains Tests will be fully integrated with Prelims Tests schedule. Many of the suggested references are also important for Mains. Our integrated approach will save your time and make your preparation effective and manageable. Check Mains tests schedule here.
  2. Your Mains Test will start with 18 Mini Tests having 5 questions in each test, followed by 10 Sectional Tests having 10 Questions in each test. These Mini and Sectional tests will help you in many ways:
  • Mini Tests will acquaint you with the habit of writing and remove your fear of writing.
  • Sectional Tests will help to obtain command over all the sections of the syllabus.
  • Both types of tests will gradually boost your confidence of writing.
  • They will help you to understand the demand of the questions (the most crucial part for scoring good marks in each question)
  • They will help you to find your mistakes at early stage and give space to rectify them.
  • Both types of tests will prepare you much before the real UPSC-like Mock Tests and the ultimate original Tests. They are like gully-cricket and state-level cricket matches, while full-mocks are like the One-day International matches.
  1. With each test, you will get synopsis of all questions before next test. Synopsis of each question will be more that a model answer. They will give you enough information on the respective question, with the help of which you can easily give answer of that question.


Importance of our Programme?

Imagine you decide to become very good at basketball, so you shoot hundreds of free throws in your backyard and perform dozens of dribbling drills each day. Perhaps you excel at basketball fundamentals, but you still have no game-day experience. As you practice, you will better picture yourself completing a difficult pass or hitting the game-winning shot.

This is the same case with UPSC CSE too. Learning while practicing is most essential part of your preparation. It will be better served with our Programme.

Many aspirants give tests for the sake of just giving it, it will not bear fruits. You should change your mindset while practising tests or flash cards.

You should consider tests and flash cards as learning concepts and facts. With their help, try to understand every nuance of the given concepts and facts. Periodically revise your tests and flash cards.

Even you should not be worry to the test score you will get in your test. Try to understand and grasp given facts and concepts in our Tests and Flash Cards. This advice is the most important for Working Professionals.


Value-added initiatives [Goal: Supplement your preparation with powerful initiatives]


On our main website, we are running various initiatives free of cost. Below are the initiatives:

[Objective of each initiative can be seen at below given respected links]
  • PreSprint 2018—Daily Prelims MCQs practice on Current Affairs [for Prelims]


& Many new are coming!!!


How to manage whole exam from Prelims to Mains to Interview? [For Regular Aspirant]


We assume that a full-time devoted aspirant studies 10 hour a day.

Out of 10 hours:

  • 2 Hours for Optional preparation from August 2017 to January 2018. Thereafter, for revision, 1.5 hours thrice a week till 15th March 2018. Anyone who has already completed his/her optional preparation, should devote 1.5 hours from August 2017.
  • 5 to 3 Hours for Current Affairs [recommended by almost all toppers] for Prelims and Mains G.S. Paper 1 to 4 which include IASToppers’ initiatives like Current Affairs Analysis + Editorial Simplified + Quintessence of Magazines + Mains Articles + Video Summary + Flash Cards + PreSprint 2018. If you want to prepare Current Affairs yourself, the timing should be the same i.e. 2.5 Hours
  • 4-5 hours for Test Preparation for Prelims G.S. Paper-1 and Mains G.S. Paper-1
  • 30-45 Minutes for writing answer to Mains questions on IASToppers’ MainSprint 2018.


How to make this attempt successful?

Keep faith in us and our planning. We want your complete sincerity, dedication and the last but not the least consistency in completing each task.



Final price for the complete ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’ is ₹ 9680/-

But we are giving 25% discount on it. So, our INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE is ₹ 7260/- only.


Under the programme, the total number of Prelims Tests (including CSAT) will be 39 + 6 = 45 Tests. If you calculate the price of single test of Prelims, the price will be ₹ 161.33 per test which is far below any test available in the market.

Moreover, we are not charging 3000+ Flash Cards and 36 Mains Tests of G.S. Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 with synopsis. They are complementary. That means the price of the programme is the most reasonable among all. We are running many important initiatives free of cost. They are also rich in quality of content for the sole benefit of you.


Important Things to Note

Process of payment (Only Online):

To subscribe Target IAS Topper 2018 programme, please click the link: SUBSCRIBE



Choose the plan of your choice (For Regular Student or For Working Professional)


Fill the all required information and submit.


The page will redirect you to payment page and pay the fees via debit card/credit card/internet banking.


Duration of the Programme:

Starting Date: 15th August 2017

Ending Date: Up to Mains 2018 (Tentative date- 1st October 2018)

[Note: Prelims Tests and Flash Cards will be disabled after Prelims 2018. Please keep in mind]


Any deadline to Join:

No deadline to join the programme. But if you are really serious, don’t waste time.


For Any Assistance:

To solve your possible queries, we make a post of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can check them at here.  

For any query related to ‘TARGET IAS TOPPER 2018’ PROGRAMME contact us at


Thank you very much and BEST OF LUCK. 


Target IAS Topper 2018

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