Target IAS Topper 2019 Programme: Details

Now the wait is over! The most time-tested, effective, result-oriented and still affordable programme targeting UPSC Civil Services 2019 is here. 
By IT's Core Team
June 18, 2018

Welcome friends,


From the last couple of weeks, we have received many mails congratulating us for our performance in 2018 Prelims exam as well as queries regarding the Target IAS Topper 2019 programme.

We are heartily thankful to all of you who made our programme series Target IAS Topper 2017 and 2018 grand successes.

Multiple factors including research, analysis, approach, the ultimate hardwork and tons of blessings paid a lot in guise of two consecutive successes to IASToppers i.e. 84 questions in UPSC CSE Prelims 2017 [Click Here] and 78 questions in UPSC CSE Prelims 2018. [Click Here]

UPSC Prelims 2018


Users’ immense support is the key ingredient in the successes of IASToppers.

As everyone experienced this year, UPSC exam is becoming tougher from both the points i.e. the number of vacancies is decreasing year-on-year and the rising degree of unexpected nature of questions asked in the exam. This cumulatively make whole exam a hard nut to crack. But don’t worry at all. The only thing which can help you to clear the exam is: APPROACH and this approach will be best served at IASToppers.

“Don’t Make Things Harder Than They Need to Be”

We don’t believe in postulating exam unconquerable. Our approach is to make exam simple and conquerable.

To make question papers unexpected is the inherent feature of UPSC CSE exam. This is just to evaluate the future bureaucrats on the instincts of impatience, fear and anger. The real warrior never gives up. He/she is always ready to face any kind of challenges. His/her approach brings the success to his/her footstep.


Target IAS Topper 2019

Now the wait is over!

The most time-tested, effective, result-oriented and still affordable programme targeting UPSC Civil Services 2019 is here. This time we are more committed and determined towards helping you to make your 2019 attempt a successful year in your life.

We assume that you are clearly determined to make 2019 your last successful attempt but what makes it reality is constant guidance and support. IASToppers who have proved multiple times its importance will be the one-stop companion and guide in your whole journey of success.

What’s new for 2019?

By subscribing Target IAS Topper 2019 programme, you will get benefits of IASToppers’ four Ps:




Components of the Target IAS Topper 2019

Under the programme, there will be total 58 Prelims Tests. Structure of 58 Prelims Tests is below:


Total 48 Prelims General Studies Tests

This time we will go further step ahead and increases not only the quantity but also the quality of the Prelims GS Tests. The structure of these tests will be:

–  9 Fundamental Tests [100 Questions Each]

– 16 Applied-Advance Tests [100 Questions Each]

– 12 Mini Revision Warm-up Tests [25 Questions Each]

– 5 Periodic Revision Tests [100 Questions Each]

– 6 Full-length UPSC-type Premium Tests [100 Questions Each]


  • After every 2 test, there will be a Mini revision warm-up tests
  • After first 9 Fundamental tests, there will be a first full-length Revision Test
  • After every 4 Applied-Advance test, there will be afull-length Revision Test


10 Prelims CSAT Tests:

Last year we have given 6 full-length CSAT tests, but after recognizing the importance of practice in CSAT paper, we have raised the number of CSAT tests from 6 to 10. This year you will be provided with 10 full-length CSAT tests



3800+ Flash Cards

Under Target IAS Topper 2019 prograamme, you will be best equipped with the IASToppers’ trademarked and praiseworthy initiative – Flash Cards. This initiative has proved its importance multiple times. You can refer our two years’ (2017 & 2018) success ratio documents and get better idea of how Flash Cards are indispensable for Prelims exam.

We have proclaimed multiple times that one Flash Card is equivalent to one Prelims MCQ. That means you are practicing 3800+ MCQs in the form of Flash Cards. They will immensely helpful in making your fundamental and applied knowledge sound. 

This year we are going to increase the quality as well as quantity of Flash Cards. You will get more than 3800 plus quality Flash Cards which will be proved game changer for your exam. 


32 Mains Tests with Synopsis

Target IAS Topper 2019 is not simply a Prelims Test Series programme. It is a Prelims-Mains Integrated programme covering whole exam. Under the programme, total 32 Mains Mock tests will be provided covering whole syllabus of the exam. One of the most striking features of the programme is Mains tests shall be in sync with Prelims schedule.

Detailed synopsis for each Mock Test will be provided which helps aspirants evaluate his/her performance on the standards of UPSC Mains exam.

Structure of 32 Mains Tests:

  • 10 Mini Tests
  • 8 Sectional Tests
  • 12 Full-length Mock Tests.



The affordability with quality is our prime motive. The original price for the programme is 9750/-

But after considering the demands of multiple aspirants, we have come to the most affordable figure. This year, the price for the Target IAS Topper 2019 programme will be Rs. 7555/-

[We are giving more than 22% discount on our original price]



We have ditched out our old test platform which have unexpected multiple technical errors. We are making from the scratch a whole-new test platform with surprisingly best features. We are near to its completion.

For Schedule, click here


Registration Link:

Click Here




Apart from the whole-new test platform, you will get another set of surprises very soon.


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