Target IAS Topper 2018

[For Working Professionals] Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme

The programme exclusively crafted for the Working Professionals (WPs). All features of the Target IAS Topper 2018 Programme will be same for Regular Aspirants and Working Professionals except planning for WPs. 45 Exclusive Tests for Prelims 2018 (G.S. & CSAT) + 36 Exclusive Tests for Mains G.S. Paper-1 to 4 + 3600+ Flash Cards for Prelims 2018 (covering every topic of Prelims Syllabus) & Many striking features.
By IT's Core Team
August 15, 2017


  • Firstly, Read the Post of ‘Roadmap & Plan’
  • Your Constraints
  • Our Solution
  • What’s unique for you?
  • What number of hours must for your daily reading?
  • Regular Aspirants Vs. Working Professionals: Comparison of Daily Schedule
  • Fees
  • Process of payment
  • Duration of the Programme
  • Any deadline to Join
  • For Any Assistance

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Batch-2 Target IAS Topper 2018 IASToppers Featured

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Firstly, Read the Post of ‘Roadmap & Plan’

If you are going to read below post for the first time, we request you to first read the post given at here. This post contains:

  • Roadmap for UPSC CSE 2018
  • Detailed information about the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’
  • How to manage whole exam for Regular Aspirant (devoting 10 hours/day)
  • Schedule with Day-to-day Planning
  • Fees
  • Registration Process


We assume that you have read above given post patiently and understand what’s going on for regular aspirant.

You might feel that under our programme, a regular aspirant is giving efforts of 10 hours/day. So obvious question here is that:

“How to clear Civil Services Exam while pursuing our job?”


Your Constraints

There are two most common constraints all working professionals are facing:


Time-constraint: How to complete this vast syllabus of Prelims and Mains with limited number of study hours per day?


Lack of Right Guidance and Strategy: There is not a single strategy available in the market made by considering the requirements of the Working Professionals.


Our Solution

IASToppers is coming with an all-new strategy exclusively crafted for the Working Professionals (WPs) only. This will be like the god-sent opportunity for large number of people who are doing their job and still wants to become an IAS.

As per our experiences, when someone dare to dream to become an IAS while pursuing his/her job & responsibilities, it shows his/her abilities and guts to face the challenge of clearing the UPSC CSE.

Under our ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’ (For Working Professionals), we will completely solve your above two constraints which are gradually making impossible your possibilities of becoming an IAS. BUT, we want three promises from you:

  1. Faith in yourself and in our strategy
  2. Complete dedication to complete every target in time
  3. Consistency with your burning desire till the last day of the exam.


If you can give above three promises to yourself, there will be no constraints at all in the path of your ultimate goal- IAS   


What’s unique for you?

It was very difficult for anyone to bring the match between the schedules of a regular aspirant and a working professional. However, it is now possible with rigorous discussions with many toppers who made their attempts successful while doing their jobs.

We have prepared a Practical and Target-oriented schedule for WPs. Here we mean by the terms:

‘Practical’ & ‘Target-oriented’= Avoid all possible references which you can comfortably skip to read without any harm.

You will be surprised to know that all components are same for Regular Aspirants and Working Professionals under the ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’ i.e. all tests of Prelims [39 G.S. Paper-1 and 6 CSAT] + 3600+ Flash Cards + 36 Mini-Sectional-Full Mock Mains Tests of G.S. Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be the same for both kind of aspirants.

The differences will be in:

  • The way of preparation
  • Day-to day Planning and Schedule
  • Number of hours of daily reading
  • Timing of Online Tests


What number of hours must for your daily reading?

We have studied many cases of working professionals from a wide range of working fields by considering government employees and private sector employees. As a result, we come to the conclusion that approximately 6 hours is the ideal timing any working professional can devote on daily basis while doing job.

Do anything to manage to read 6 hours/day. Ideally, you can read 2-2.5 hours in early morning before going to office and devote another 2-2.5 hours after coming home from office. We suggest you complete remaining 2-2.5 hours reading in-between the office hours. If your job doesn’t permit you any spare timing, you must struggle to manage remaining hours’ reading in or out of the office hours.

In short, you must devote 6 hours a day at any cost. You can do it. You know your schedule better than anyone else.


Regular Aspirants Vs. Working Professionals: Comparison of Daily Schedule

Below is the comparison of what regular aspirants should read with what WPs should read under our programme.  ias Regular Aspirants Vs. Working Professionals Comparison of Daily Schedule



Final price for the complete ‘Target IAS Topper 2018 programme’ is ₹ 9680/-

But we are giving 25% discount on it. So, our INTRODUCTORY OFFER PRICE is ₹ 7260/- only. [The price is the same for regular aspirants too]


Under the programme, the total number of Prelims Tests (including CSAT) will be 39 + 6 = 45 Tests. If you calculate the price of single test of Prelims, the price will be ₹ 161.33 per test which is far below any test available in the market.

Moreover, we are not charging 3000+ Flash Cards and 36 Mains Tests of G.S. Paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 with synopsis. They are complementary. That means the price of the programme is the most reasonable among all. We are running many important initiatives free of cost. They are also rich in quality of content for the sole benefit of you.


Important Things to Note

Process of payment (Only Online):

To subscribe Target IAS Topper 2018 programme, please click the link: SUBSCRIBE



Choose the plan of your choice (For Regular Student or For Working Professional)


Fill the all required information and submit.


The page will redirect you to payment page and pay the fees via debit card/credit card/internet banking.


Duration of the Programme:

Starting Date: 15th August 2017

Ending Date: Up to Mains 2018 (Tentative date- 1st October 2018)

[Note: Prelims Tests and Flash Cards will be disabled after Prelims 2018. Please keep in mind]


Any deadline to Join:

No deadline to join the programme. But if you are really serious, don’t waste time.


For Any Assistance:

To solve your possible queries, we make a post of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You can check them at here.  

For any query related to ‘TARGET IAS TOPPER 2018’ PROGRAMME contact us at


Thank you very much and BEST OF LUCK. 


Target IAS Topper 2018

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